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Welcome Home! Those two words should be a feeling. Our purpose at E2 Staging & Design is to bring out the very best in your house. We want your Buyer to walk in and visualize the memories and impactful moments that this space could bring to their life.  


    Who we are and what we do..

E2 is a full service staging firm built specifically to assist the Homeowner in selling their home quickly. Elizabeth Pride and Erika Kurre are committed to making the best first impression on any Buyer. We do this by careful analysis, planning and proven strategies in home sales. No matter the style or size of the home, our expertise in staging will equip you with the necessary use of space to allow Buyers to emotionally connect with the house and to visualize the aesthetic and functional possibilities your home presents. Our staged homes produce the greatest market attention with the result of fewer days on market and ultimately a higher selling price.


It all begins with a phone call. We will ask key questions to give us an idea of exactly what you are looking for. We will then arrange a time convenient for you to meet at the home. One of our professional designers will spend an hour performing a thorough walkthrough of the home offering immediate feedback as well as taking notes to provide a full analysis. We will then use this information to compile a report and pricing strategy for you to have in hand. Our turnaround time from the home walkthrough to a full report and estimate is 24-48 hours.


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Phone: 502-298-7314

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